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• Chatbot help you as your virtual customer service (CS)
• Cost saving of hiring and training human CS
• Suitable to different industries
• Save all customers’ enquiries to database
• Higher conversion rate
• More and more clients like to chat rather than talk

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Three common Chatbot channels

Website chatbot lets your website visitors ask questions quickly and anonymously. Visitors will feel freely and be more willing to communicate with your virtual CS. It can perform on both desktop website and mobile website.

Facebook ChatBot is built on top of Facebook messenger and it’s worked with Facebook Fan page. Facebook already provides a good framework for the Chatbot. Developers can further develop new functions and do integration with existing systems to further enhance the usage of it.

WhatsAPP is one of the most common communication tools in the world. WhatsAPP business let you do your business in WhatsAPP more easily. Upgrading it with WhatsAPP ChatBot helps you reply lots of enquiries fast, as well as, records all the useful data for insight and further action.

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