Digital Transformation Guidance

Digital Transformation is the use of new, fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems for increasing your company competency. eHeading is eager to provide our clients the best way to adopt the fast changing digital world to become industry leaders.

Execute Your Ideas

Every client has his idea to improve their business. Sometimes the idea is not cost effective to achieve if the execution method is outdated. eHeading team has experienced talents to suggest and execute a better way to unlock you idea.

Unleash Cloud Potential

Cloud services give enterprises a competitive advantage by providing the most innovative technology available. Enterprise users can access the applications fast and remotely with no on-premise infrastructure setup. Worldwide remote access means teams can collaborate from widespread locations with no limitation of time and location.

Leading in digital-first age

Digital Transformation Process


Digital Transformation Readiness

Perform a deep digital transformation readiness according to the current situation to identify the steps and goals.


Planning and Selection

Have a complete planning for selecting suitable tools, steps and teams according to actual situations.


Assign adoption team

Select a pioneer adoption team to test the running, build the culture and gain small win.


Setup Standard

Make the standard after modifying from results of pioneer adoption team and distribute to the whole team.


Live and Support

Launch Regular training programme with providing end-user support, encourage collaboration and regular review of the improvement.


Review and Improvement

Measure the performance according to pre-defined KPIs. Review the result and suggest the improvement plan to keep improving the overall performance.

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